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Happy Endings

Wild and Feral Seduction Go-To Dishes 

The earth around us is a panoply of desire, pleasure, creativity, and beauty. These elements are the essence of what draws us to the natural world and into her underwater awe and damp, lush forests. So it's no surprise that many wild foods that play vital roles in ecosystems are also considered aphrodisiacs for humans; it's our reminder that we too are primal beings while on this earth. Some of my favorites are truffles, oysters, seaweed and salmon. They all improve their ecosystems, are super healthy, and with lots of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and smells of the earth and tastes of the sea, they rap up our libidos and enliven our senses. And to share them with someone you are attracted to elevates the experience even more. 

I've loved hearing how people seduce one another through food. The process of sourcing it, or the labor that goes into making it, the stories behind it, and the pure tactile pleasure of the dish. Or how it makes you feel while eating it or the after effects. So this page is a collection of those stories and dishes. If you have a favorite dish you're making for that person you are trying to seduce, please send it in and we'll add it to the page.  

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